Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Show and Tell: Peggy

Peggy had a lot of things to show for the last meeting. She had a set of animal stockings! Aren't they cute!


She says there is one more in the set, coming soon. I can't wait to see it.

This little stocking was from a white elephant sale the guild held. All the members brought projects they didn't want to complete. Mary Francis brought this, Peggy picked it up and finished it. It turned out nice.


Here are a couple of needlepoint ornaments (maybe they are Easter eggs?). These are very pretty as well.


Finally, a couple of Christmas stand-ups. The Santa is for October. He's trick-or-treating with a disguise on (Groucho glasses). The polar bear is nice too.


Finally, Peggy finished stitching her bear for our charity project.


I started stitching mine at the meeting, and haven't picked it up again yet. We want to have them all done by April, so I suppose I should get going on it. Thank you for finishing yours, Peggy, and for sharing all your beautiful ornaments.


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  1. Hi Jane - I think I have that teddy bear pattern in my stash, too : ) An oldie but goodie