Friday, December 3, 2010

Kissing Pillows

I got a wonderful package in the mail this week. Kathy sent me these kissing pillow tops she'd stitched. I'll turn them in a the January NeedleArtisans' meeting. Thank you very much Kathy. I'm nearly done with one and have fabric cut for another I plan to finish before January. I think that will make six for me, too.

If you've stitched any Kissing Pillows, please let me know so I can arrange to get them. The January NANI meeting is before the January Homewood meeting. Thanks!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Donations wanted

At Monday's meeting we discussed where the leftovers from the stash sale went (Barb found a great outlet with her neighbor's sister's convent motherhouse) and whether we should take some donated needlepoint wool. I've been doing some clearing out of my own and am always on the lookout for places to give it to.

I came across this list on the NANI blog. They take all sorts of art and creative supplies.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kissing Pillows

Last night I showed my completed kissing pillow. These are for a project for a local woman, Elizabeth, a member of Chicago ANG. She is collecting 1100 pillows for her brother's Navy Squadron who are deploying early next year. They are stitched on 14 count aida with three colors of floss and under two hours' stitching time.

Needle Artisans of Northwest Indiana has taken up the cause and I hope some of you may also wish to stitch a pillow top or two. I have e-mailed all of the information (chart, materials and background) to Homewood members. If you would like me to send it again, please contact me at

NANI is collcting completed pillow tops at our January meeting, which is a week before our January meeting. You can get them to any joint member before then and we'll turn them in (Pat B, Jane, Marge, Marjorie off the top of my head) or you can send them directly to the address on the "back" of the pattern. Thanks!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October 2010 meeting

The October meeting will be on Monday, October 12 at 7:15pm at St. Paul Community Church.

For October’s project, Blackwork-Blue Tulips, you will need a hoop, scroll frame or Q-snaps to accommodate a 12” piece of fabric, scissors, needles, usual stitching supplies.

October Hostesses will be Barb H, Karen H and Karen J.

Monday, September 20, 2010

thoughts about a show...

Earlier this month Nancy asked us to try to attend the 2010 quilt show of the Pieces 'n Patches Quilt Guild. Her thought was that perhaps the next time they have a show, in 2012, we might "piggy-back" with them and hold our show at the same day, same venue, in one of the smaller rooms.

The show was at a middle school in Steger and I was very impressed. They filled the gym with quilts. The theme was "quilts from Grandma's clothesline" and they followed through charmingly. All of the members wore aprons and clothes pins were used to hold tags. The show had a quilt appraisal room, lectures on aprons, a quilt raffle, bake sale, silent auction, and raffle baskets. There was a boutique with several shops and demonstrators, including a scissors sharpener, and a resale/last chance book sale area.

I thought about how we could fit in and decided to share my thoughts and questions with you in the hope of getting you thinking about it and coming up with your questions.

My first question was would there be a smallish classroom available and, if so, could we lock it for security. What kind of tables/display areas would it have? I wondered about insurance, too.

What would our expenses be? Perhaps a portion of the rental fees. Could we contribute to their silent auction, bake sale, raffle baskets or should we have our own fundraiser in our own room? Or both? How would we raise money? If we pay a portion of the rent would we get a similar portion of the entry fee? Would people interested only in embroidery pay the higher entry fee? (their entry fee was $5)

I came up with one fundraising thought: a coupon sheet. Ideally, we'd target needlework shops but since there aren't any nearby...

We could print up a sheet of coupons, 12 in all, one for each month. On each a local business would offer a discount for the month. So for the month of January, Homewood Florist would offer $1.00 off a bouquet, in February, Country Cupboard would offer 10% off of any red fabric or fiber, in March Walt's would provide a coupon good for a dozen eggs with a $10 purchase, etc. We would print up the coupon sheet and sell them for, say $2.00 each.

Those are my ideas and thoughts and questions. What are yours?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Last night's lovely dinner

It seemed to me like we all had a great time last night at our opening banquet at Glenwood Oaks Restaurant. It was great seeing everyone after the summer break.Karen and Carol did a lovely job decorating the tables. I wish I'd gotten a better photo to showcase the lovely scissors cases Carol made.There was a nice array of completed pincushions. I can't wait to see Linda's assembled.There was also some very nice show-n-tell done over the summer.I really like this photo of Nancy. I can't wait for next month's meeting!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Show and Tell: Marj, Jane, and Barb K.

Last month our project was making "Aunt Philly's" toothbrush rug from strips of fabric. Several people brought their finished mats to show and tell.

This one is Barb's mat. She was laughing about the shape, but it is very nice and flat.


Marj made 2 small mats, and a bowl from the technique, plus she taught her sister. Marj also showed off an additional felt bell-pull, the dog tag project for the NANI Camp Quality project, a "thimble" stitched on a bead shape, and a pincushion, also in the Yubiniki technique.


I also finished my mat. I made mine a little larger by adding the fabric from another kit. I also showed off a temari and a yubiniki stitched bracelet.


Margo also finished stitching a mat, but I did not get a picture. I do apologize, Margo!


Friday, June 18, 2010

Show and Tell: Karen H., Jeni and Carol

This past month was the Bead and Button Show in Milwaukee and several of our members were able to attend.

Karen shared this necklace that she made in order to share with the teacher of a class she was taking. The beads are blown glass, and the whole necklace is very beautiful and elegant. We can't wait to see what you make from the show this year, Karen!


Jeni made these two beautiful bracelets. I really like the aqua crystal one, but the spiral beads are beautiful as well. She was working on the next bracelet as well.


Carol was showing of this beautiful bracelet. It was very striking.


Karen, I'm very sorry I didn't get a picture of your strung necklace. I missed it because you were wearing it.

Thank you for reading!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Teddy Bears!

We had our June guild meeting on Monday night. It was very exciting to see all the teddy bears. Each guild member stitched one of the bears, and then the members of the program committee assembled all of them. Don't they look cute all together in the basket?


It's either an exercise class, a good song at a concert, or a mass arrest!


Here we are getting ready for the picture, and following is the official picture. Doesn't it look like we are having too much fun?


Then, since I was not in the picture, they made me sit for my portrait with the bears. I was glad to cuddle up with them.


Friday, June 11, 2010

Mary Frances

Member Mary Frances Meadows passed away this week. She had had heart surgery in May and never really came back from it. I've been unable to find an obituary for her. I did discover that she was born September 15, 1928.

For those of you who wish to remember her, there will be a memorial service on Saturday, June 26 at 11am at the Church of the Holy Family in Park Forest, IL.

If you click on the church link, you will be able to see a lovely embroidery done by Rita Kortenhoeven. For those of you who haven't seen it, Rita stitched an original Phoenix for the church. The Phoenix is treasured by the church and treated with a great deal of care and is only on display at certain times of the year to protect it from the light. Sadly, the picture doesn't enlarge. The piece is spectacular in person.

This page has directions to the church but no embroidery.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May Meeting: Show and Tell

Last Monday was our May meeting, and we had a very abbreviated Show and Tell to leave time for the class scheduled. (Toothbrush rugs, stay tuned for pictures!)

Marj showed a crocheted and felted bag. This will be in England by the next meeting, sent as a gift.


Karen showed her little spring bunny. I love these patterns! This picture will be in France by the next meeting.


Linda showed this lovely sampler "wine a little"! It is also a gift, and will be gone by the next meeting.


I showed this temari, because it will be sent to Canada by our next meeting.


Next month is our garage/white elephant sale, so I'm not sure if there will be show and tell then either, so there will be an abundance the next time. See you then!


Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Meeting Location

Don't forget!--our meeting on Monday will be at our new location: St. Paul Community Church in Homewood, 18200 Dixie Highway in Homewood. Below is an edited version of their rules. If you wish to see the actual list from the church, please contact me and I will send you a copy.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Show and Tell: Karen and Karen

I'm hurrying through these this month because I'm going out of town. Today we have show and tell from Karen, who is a beader, and Karen, our new member. Karen the beader showed off her Christmas tree earrings, a lovely sparkly bracelet, and an Ukrainian style necklace she was wearing.


Our new member Karen showed off a beautiful "love" Valentine's frame, a pin cushion and fob, and a cute pumpkin sewing case stitched twice. Lovely work Karen!


Thanks for reading!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Show and Tell: Jane, Peggy M and Marge

Continuing on with show and tell, these are the items I had this month. I completed the stitching for the shadow trapunto class we had last month. Kathy B finished hers, but didn't leave her pillow out, and I didn't get a picture, and didn't notice until too late. I'm very sorry Kathy!

There are also a couple of temari balls, and my box of Japanese Thimbles.


This is Peggy's heart that she is finishing for her daughter. I love the colors!


These two Faberge Eggs are very appropriate for April, celebrating Easter. These were stitched by Marge, one in silk, and one in DMC floss. (The more muted one is the silk.) I think these are both just lovely, and I will be excited to see how she finishes them.


Thank you all for sharing!


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Show and Tell: Marj, Peggy et al.

At our guild meeting last night this was some of the show and tell:

Marj made a Japanese ring thimble from a kit she got from Japan. I think this turned out really great!


She also showed off the embroidery on the kitchen towel she finished. This was her take-along project. She puts a lot more detail into this type of project than I do. Love the peas!


Peggy showed of her complete set of mini Zoo stockings. The Noah's Ark one is the new one, but they are all adorable.


She also has the Hat in the Cat (love the green eyes) and


a Halloween picture. I'm so sorry it is so washed out; the colors are much more vibrant in real life.


The "et al." part is the bears that 17 members (17!) turned in. They will be assembled, and then we will have a stuffing party later. These will be donated also, when they are done.


We have been meeting at the same place for all the years I've been a member of this guild, but last night was our last night in this location. It will be interesting to see if the dynamic changes in a new place!

I'll be back tomorrow with more show and tell.


Monday, March 29, 2010

Japanese Embroidery in Chicago

If you've ever wanted to try Japanese Embroidery, here's a local opportunity. This small project will teach you all of the basics of this technique.
© Original Design by KAREN L. PLATER

In Japan , the symbolism of the Koi fish represents perseverance in adversity, determination, and strength of purpose. It is usually considered a symbol of masculine strength, though it can be applied to women as well.

Try your hand at a variety of traditional Japanese Embroidery techniques in silks and metal threads while creating this playful and symbolic design.

Class: SAT – MAY 22 and SUN – MAY 23, 2010
Place: Hyde Park – Chicago , IL
Proficiency Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Design Size: 6” circle
Cost: Complete kit - $100 + Teaching fee - $50
Registration: $75 deposit
Deposit Due: May 1, 2010
Contact: Ruth Bloom -

About the Teacher:
Karen L. Plater has mastered all ten Phases for certification as a teacher (sensei) of Traditional Japanese Embroidery and has been teaching for 6 years.
In 2006 she completed a two-year teaching apprenticeship at the Japanese Embroidery Center in Atlanta where she continues to teach. Karen also has monthly classes in her Florida home studio and is now expanding her teaching locations to include Chicago , IL . She continues to travel to Japan for study with professional embroiderers and recently taught an original design at a retreat in Maine .
Her work has been on exhibit in Japan , the United Kingdom and the United States . In October, 2008 she hosted a one-woman show of her embroideries at the University Club of Winter Park, FL.

“ It is only through achieving a combination of technique and design skills while expressing a personal sensitivity that one is able to pursue the beautiful art of Nuido or the “way” of embroidery.”
Class: SAT – MAY 22 and SUN – MAY 23, 2010
Class time 9:30A to 3:30P. (Classroom will be open at 9:00A for set-up). Lunch 12N - Bring a lunch. Please be prompt and plan to stay for the entire class.

Place: Hyde Park – Chicago, IL
The location of class is Regents Park Apartments 5020 S. Lake Shore Drive (enter via East End Ave.). Please tell the concierge that you are visiting Karen Plater in “corporate” apartment 316N.

Design Size: 6” circle

Kit Fee/Contents: $100; traditional small Japanese frame, obi silk with design and special dyes applied, all flat silks and metallic threads required to complete the design, special tools (tekoburi, koma, assorted needles) and instruction booklet with color image.

Teaching Fee: $ 50

Supplies to bring to class: Please bring your regular stitching supplies plus - notepaper and colored pencils, small ruler in millimeters. Should you feel the need for a magnifier or project light, bring your own.

Registration and Deposit Due: $75 - May 1, 2010
Fill out registration form, then make check payable to KAREN L. PLATER
Get all information and check to Ruth Bloom

Contact: Ruth Bloom ( Chicago-Hyde Park contact)
4940 S. East End Ave.-Apt 18B
Chicago , IL 60615
HOME 773-752-2420 WORK 773-702-3628
Class: SAT – MAY 22 and SUN – MAY 23, 2010


NAME: _________________________________________

CITY: _________________________________________

STATE: _______________________ ZIP: ______________

PHONE: ___________________

EMAIL: ___________________


4940 S. East End Ave. –Apt 18B
Chicago, IL 60615

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Show and Tell: Karen, Carol, Jeni

I'm so sorry for the delay in getting these pictures up. I think I have spring fever!

This is a very poor picture of a lovely key-ring, finished by Karen. My camera tends to revolt with anything shiny, so Karen, I'm very sorry.


Here are two bracelets finished by Carol.


And here's Jeni's contribution:


It is the same bracelet as the previous picture, but I assure you, there were two. The squares were originally designed as links in a bracelet also, but they are gorgeous as pendants. Good thinking for the change, Jeni!

I have a couple more pictures for later.


Friday, March 12, 2010

Guild Meeting

We had a guild meeting last Monday, I'm sorry to take so long to get this report going. I will start with the "show and tell" pictures next week, but I just wanted to show the picture of our project leader Georgeann. The project was shadow trapunto; stay tuned for some very cool pictures next month. The kits she provided were fantastic, and very complete. I can't wait to get going on mine.


We also decided to change our meeting place. We have been meeting at the same church for all the years I have been a member, probably more than 20, so going to a new place will be a big change. It will be a good thing, though.

Friday, March 5, 2010

upcoming events

Mark Your Calendars! There are several events coming up!

String-a-long quilt guild in Valparaiso, Indiana, is having their show on March 27 and 28. I’ve been before and it’s a good one! They have a great vendors market and flea market as well as a large display of beautiful quilts.

Art in the Garden at the Taltree Arboretum & Gardens in Valparaiso, Sunday June 6.

International Quilt Festival
April 16-18,2010
Donald E. Stephens Convention Center
Rosemont, IL

The Bead&Button Show is the largest jewelry and bead show in the world! Over 370 vendors will be selling one-of-a-kind finished jewelry plus precious gems, pearls, art beads, gold and silver, beading supplies and books. The show will also feature a juried exhibit of inspiring bead art and over 600 bead and jewelry classes. You don't want to miss this very special event!

Admission is $10.00; children under 12 free
Friday, June 11, 2010 10:00 am–8:00 pm
Saturday, June 12, 2010 10:00 am–6:00 pm
Sunday, June 13, 2010 10:00 am–4:00 pm

Midwest Airlines Center
400 W. Wisconsin Avenue
Milwaukee, WI

Midwest Fiber and Folk Fair

July 16-18, 2010
NEW! Lake County Fairgrounds, Grayslake, IL
Friday: 10am-6pm
Saturday: 10am-6pm
Sunday: 10am-4pm

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Show and Tell: Carol

These are the items Carol brought for show and tell for the February meeting. In this picture, you can see she's been going to town knitting. There are 4 scarves, 2 hats, and 2 pairs of mittens.


Carol taught the lace-making class in January, so in February she had a couple of lace pictures to share. I think the swan wing is beautiful!


Thank you Carol for sharing your beautiful things.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Show and Tell: Marj

Marj had an abundance of things to share at the last meeting, as she usually does.

She has a small heart, stitched on felt, that is the design for a class "Learning to Embroidery" she is co-leading in an area YMCA. She is showing a strawberry scissors case. One of the dangling strawberries is an emery to help keep your needles sharp.


The two turkeys on a tea towel are turning out to be a series! They are sweetly sharing a bouquet of red roses. On the bottom is a self-portrait.

Thank you for sharing Marj!


Monday, February 15, 2010

Show and Tell: Barb

Since we didn't have a formal meeting, and we were all having so much fun making blankets, we had a very informal show and tell this month as well. I only got a couple of pictures. Barb made these two bracelets. I think they are both lovely. I always like the turquoise and copper color combination.


Thank you for sharing, Barb!


We Rock!

We completed 26 afghans at our meeting last Monday!

Karen said they would be taken to the children's cancer center's new patient resource box as needed.
Thanks to everyone who participated--give yourself a pat on the back!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope everyone has a lovely Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Showing off the results; Show and Tell: Marsha

Here's a picture of one of the finished blankets along with a matching pillow. Those teddy bears are so cute!


Here three members are inspecting their blankets, getting ready for the group photo.


And here are all of us! I counted almost 2 dozen blankets in this picture. You can see from our smiles how much fun we had. Thank you Marj for taking the picture.


Next come more show and tell pictures. See you then!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tying Fringe

The next step to making a fleece blanket is tying the fringe. There are as many ways to tie the fringe as there were to cut it.

This is the fleece I brought to the party, with Karen's hands helping with the tying. She brought her blanket (as a guest!) mostly finished so she had time to help others. Thank you Karen! We had a couple more guests that we are hoping will join as well. Welcome to all!


My Grand daughter would be all over this one.


This one would be very acceptable for a "more manly" teenager. You can see the fringes here are shorter than average, but they work fine.


I think this one is adorable. If you look at the tied fringe (on the left) you can see a very nice pattern developing.


The length of this fringe is about average.



Nancy decided to sit on the floor to do hers. (She promised to launder it before turning it in.) I don't mind sitting on the floor, it's the getting up that is getting harder and harder.


This one used a different knot, taking both pieces of fringe (longer than average) and tying an overhand knot. The fringe does hang very nicely using this method.


Next time: the finished product. See you then! Jane