Monday, March 29, 2010

Japanese Embroidery in Chicago

If you've ever wanted to try Japanese Embroidery, here's a local opportunity. This small project will teach you all of the basics of this technique.
© Original Design by KAREN L. PLATER

In Japan , the symbolism of the Koi fish represents perseverance in adversity, determination, and strength of purpose. It is usually considered a symbol of masculine strength, though it can be applied to women as well.

Try your hand at a variety of traditional Japanese Embroidery techniques in silks and metal threads while creating this playful and symbolic design.

Class: SAT – MAY 22 and SUN – MAY 23, 2010
Place: Hyde Park – Chicago , IL
Proficiency Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Design Size: 6” circle
Cost: Complete kit - $100 + Teaching fee - $50
Registration: $75 deposit
Deposit Due: May 1, 2010
Contact: Ruth Bloom -

About the Teacher:
Karen L. Plater has mastered all ten Phases for certification as a teacher (sensei) of Traditional Japanese Embroidery and has been teaching for 6 years.
In 2006 she completed a two-year teaching apprenticeship at the Japanese Embroidery Center in Atlanta where she continues to teach. Karen also has monthly classes in her Florida home studio and is now expanding her teaching locations to include Chicago , IL . She continues to travel to Japan for study with professional embroiderers and recently taught an original design at a retreat in Maine .
Her work has been on exhibit in Japan , the United Kingdom and the United States . In October, 2008 she hosted a one-woman show of her embroideries at the University Club of Winter Park, FL.

“ It is only through achieving a combination of technique and design skills while expressing a personal sensitivity that one is able to pursue the beautiful art of Nuido or the “way” of embroidery.”
Class: SAT – MAY 22 and SUN – MAY 23, 2010
Class time 9:30A to 3:30P. (Classroom will be open at 9:00A for set-up). Lunch 12N - Bring a lunch. Please be prompt and plan to stay for the entire class.

Place: Hyde Park – Chicago, IL
The location of class is Regents Park Apartments 5020 S. Lake Shore Drive (enter via East End Ave.). Please tell the concierge that you are visiting Karen Plater in “corporate” apartment 316N.

Design Size: 6” circle

Kit Fee/Contents: $100; traditional small Japanese frame, obi silk with design and special dyes applied, all flat silks and metallic threads required to complete the design, special tools (tekoburi, koma, assorted needles) and instruction booklet with color image.

Teaching Fee: $ 50

Supplies to bring to class: Please bring your regular stitching supplies plus - notepaper and colored pencils, small ruler in millimeters. Should you feel the need for a magnifier or project light, bring your own.

Registration and Deposit Due: $75 - May 1, 2010
Fill out registration form, then make check payable to KAREN L. PLATER
Get all information and check to Ruth Bloom

Contact: Ruth Bloom ( Chicago-Hyde Park contact)
4940 S. East End Ave.-Apt 18B
Chicago , IL 60615
HOME 773-752-2420 WORK 773-702-3628
Class: SAT – MAY 22 and SUN – MAY 23, 2010


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4940 S. East End Ave. –Apt 18B
Chicago, IL 60615

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