Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Field Trip to Geneva

I can really only report on one half of Saturday's trip, but from what I've heard, everyone who went had a great time. Jane drove up on Friday with a couple of members and plans to post pictures when she gets a chance. Marge and I both drove up on Saturday. We walked into Designer's Desk within a minute of each other!Anne and Nancy are waiting to check out. There are things to explore everywhere at Designer's Desk. The check-out area is particularly dangerous.
I caught Karen and Helen by surprise here.My sister and niece joined us (sorry for the eyes-closed pic--the other was worse). My sister lives nearby, the niece was in town for the weekend--I was surprised and happy to see her.
After we were shopped out, both groups walked across the street to have lunch at Nosh. They have interesting sandwiches, salads and breakfast all day.I tried to make sure I got everyone in at least one photo.
Marge, Anne, Pat, Nancy, Karen and Helen
This is my main purchase. I also got some Evertite Stitchery Frames, threads for my Sudoku project, and some metallics for an applique project I'm working on. Those were on my list, but I just couldn't stick to the list.

After lunch, Helen and Karen (riding with me) walked over to an interesting chocolate shop, All Chocolate Kitchen (expensive but where else can you see a life-size hockey player made of chocolate?) while I bequeathed my niece with bags (and bags and bags) of needlework books. Then we all headed up Third Street, the main street of shops in Geneva, to the Spice House to sample some (really good) candied ginger and get a vanilla bean. Our next stop was one town north in St. Charles. I needed to do some grocery shopping at Blue Goose, a local grocery that sells a good brand of organic chicken that we like. One last stop was American Science and Surplus. I got a pair of long hemostats to use for getting stuffing into corners of things (Karen has an even longer pair she uses and she says they work great.) American S&S has loads of very odd stuff. If you ever need a test tube, magnet, poster of the solar system, or foot long stuffed fabric spider, this is the place. You never know what you'll see there.

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