Monday, December 12, 2011

Chicago Cultural Center

We had a great time on our third HEG field trip--Chicago and the Cultural Center.We had lunch at the Park Grill in Millennium Park. A gentleman from a neighboring table snapped a photo for us. Huette, our tour guide, was very knowledgeable and experienced. In spite of our (well, my) tendency to wander, she kept all of us organized and together. (She also knew all of the warm ways to get from place to place and where all the bathrooms were.)
This is the view from the restaurant of the skaters enjoying the chilly weather.
We strolled around the park a bit and walked over to the "Bean."
Here's the Cloud Gate from the inside. If you can spot me in my purple coat, you have better eyes than I do!
Next we shivered our way to the Palmer House. We may not have seen much actual needlework on this excursion, but we really enjoyed the holiday decorations and found a lot of visual inspiration in the decor of the buildings. Check out that ceiling!
This was the carpet at the Palmer House. I took several pictures--perhaps a crewel paisley design will be forthcoming. We left and after a brief stop to check out the walls and ceiling at the former Peacock Jewelery store, we wandered up State Street. The Sullivan designed former Carson's building is being revamped by Target. It looks like they're preserving Sullivan's lovely metal filigree designs. We wandered through Macy's, looked at their Tiffany Dome, and then headed to the Cultural Center.
This is the view up from the entry way of the Cultural Center.This is the ceiling in the entry way. This building was originally the Chicago Public Library so the designs feature author's names, quotes in many languages, and printer's marks. This type of mosaic work is Medieval in origin; it's called Cosmati. The designs are more flowing and not rigidly geometric. I saw quilt patterns everywhere.
This is the famous Tiffany dome. And no wonder. It is amazing! The symbols in the center are the signs of the zodiac.
This is the room the dome is over. The walls are all Cosmati work with a filigree design. The logo here is the Chicago Public Library.

We wandered a bit more, looked through an exhibit of art using letter forms, and then caught the train home.

Our next field trip will be to Designer's Desk in Geneva, IL on January 20 or 21.

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  1. Looking at the Palmer House ceiling I suddenly remembered that I have been there. I wonder WHEN. Sad when the memory starts to go :)

    And yes, a wonderful place anyhow. I liked the photos.