Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Making Blankets

We didn't have an official meeting last night, we made blankets for the children's oncology department of a local hospital. They have a treasure chest, and when a child starts chemotherapy they can pick something out of the chest. One of the things they have the most trouble keeping enough of in the treasure chest are fleece blankets; very comforting during your treatment.

The first step is to purchase the fleece, and the second step is to cut fringes around all four sides. As you can see, there were various methods used:

Scissors, using a ruler to mark the depth of the fringe:


Scissors, using your blade to mark the depth of the fringe:


A rotary cutter, using an acrylic ruler as a guide:


A rotary cutter, using a ruler with slots, and two extra people to hold the ruler down:


It was fun to see all the different colors and themes, and we had so much fun visiting and chatting. Next time I will show the next step.


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  1. Oh, I like that you're doing it as a tutorial! brilliant. Thanks! Marjorie