Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Display

Each year our guild displays our Christmas ornaments at the Irwin Community Center in Homewood. I will share the overall pictures today, and some of the close-ups/vignettes later on.

There are three cases together in a lovely oak cabinet. This is the case on the left. The fleece blanket and the bear are charity projects for this year.


The center case.


The right-hand case.


I was quite pleased with the pictures I got, even though they are not perfect. The glass on the front of the cases, and the mirrors behind make it challenging to get a good picture without glare. I caught the glare from the mirrors in a couple of the pictures but was able to crop it out.

I hope you enjoy this lovely display. Several members take a day in late November/early December to put the display together every year. Thank you so much! I hope to join in on the fun when I am retired.


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