Thursday, November 19, 2009

My favorite places...

I have some favorite places I like to visit on the Internet.

I like Flickr a lot. My page is here and World Embroideries is here. A basic account is free and you can post your photos there to share. Also, if you have loads of time, there's lots to see. You can start by checking out our Contacts (in the top menu bar).

I try not to shop much, but I often end up browsing at Joggles where they have "everything for the textile, cloth and mixed-media artist." I find crewel supplies at Accomplishments and Wooly Thread. Nordic Needle has an extensive website that is well worth visiting, even if you're not shopping. Last, I have found really cool embellishments at Cartwright's Sequins.

CQ Mag Online is a wonderful resource for crazy quilters. You'll find some great tutorials at Needle n' Thread. I go often to Suzanne Cooper's site when I get stuck in a beadwork project and need a tutorial. And when I have time I love to browse the Antique Pattern Library where you can download vintage needlework books.

Once I got going with this, I realized I have a lot of "go to" places for different things (color theory, stitch techniques, supplies of various kinds, tutorials). Leave a comment with what you're interested in and I'll see what turns up in my favorites list that fits the bill.

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