Thursday, September 15, 2011

Summer Challenge Project

One of the highlights of the Dinner Meeting is seeing what everyone has worked on for the Summer Challenge project. There are so many original ideas! Here a couple of members are studying the entries.


I did not take notes, so I do not remember who won first, second, and third, and I may get the names wrong. Please forgive me!

I do know that Kathy was the first place winner with this beautiful log cabin heart. Her strips were so tiny! Wonderful work!


Karen had a 3 of hearts, and so worked on a triptych for family. The picture does not do justice to the beautiful stitching.


The eight of spades inspired this biscornu. Eight sides, 8 hearts, 8 corners, etc. This side is white on black, the other side (that I did not get a picture of) was black on white. Very creative!


Marj created this project, based on the 10 of clubs. She stitched 10 different clubs in different techniques, and then put them together into a Jacob's Ladder. She showed pictures of all of them on her blog here, but did not talk about the individual techniques she used. I would still like to see a blog post about that (hint, hint).


This is my entry, inspired by the 3 of diamonds. You can read more about it here.


Karen picked the 8 of hearts, so she made beaded hearts!


Helen worked on a bargello tree from Mary Frances. The colors are amazing!


I was very pleased by the entries and the level of participation this year. We also had prizes for the concepts stitchers came up with, and even had a couple of entries for that! Thank you all for playing.

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  1. Kathy did the biscornu and won the description/explanation prize. I think it was Anne who made the quilted heart and won first place. Peggy made the needlepoint triptych. Marjorie