Tuesday, April 5, 2011

March Minutes

Homewood Embroiderer’s Guild
March Meeting Minutes
March 14, 2011 St. Paul Community Church

Just a reminder--Our meetings begin at 7:15.

We plan to begin the April meeting promptly in order to cover our business and have time for the workshop. The quilters who were unable to attend last month are likely to come in April—and that will lengthen the meeting. Please try to be on time and seated at 7:15. Thanks!

For April’s project, Floral Fantasy notebook cover, you will need usual stitching supplies.

April hostesses will be Linda Tylk, Elizabeth Webb, and Cathy Wojcik

President Nancy called the meeting to order at 7:25 P.M. Jane Compeau took the minutes because Marjorie was out of town. Thanks a bunch!

Pat Bellinger made a motion to approve the minutes sent out for last month’s meeting, and Marcia Hogar seconded the motion. Approved.
Treasurer’s report: checkbook has $4,472.15.

Carol discussed the programs.
The temari workshop is in 2 weeks, pick 3 shades in one family from pearl #5 from Mary Frances’ supply. Linda will make sloppy joes.
Next month’s program is notebook covers, taught by Marjorie Holme.
June will be the hex nuts bracelet.
Tonight Linda is in charge, there are no guest speakers. As soon as the meeting is done, please grab your refreshments, and Linda and Carol will display needlework books. You can take any books you want. There are 21 bags from Mary Frances’s stash. They do have a source that will take anything guild members do not want.

We received a thank you note from the organization we sent the garage sale left-overs to, to help the women of Honduras.

Discussion on sharing a show with Pieces and Patches Quilt guild of Crete. They had planned on coming to the meeting, but could not make it.
Date would be September 2012, with the show running Saturday and Sunday, with set-up on Friday.
What about a fund-raiser? No Problem,
They charge admission.
They have a boutique, we could have one as well.
They have a bake sale and vendors.
Held in a nice Junior High in Steger.
They talked about some people joining our guild. Their meetings are 2nd Wednesday of the month.
The school has a concession stand with hotdogs, etc.
Suggestion: have a “tea room” with desserts for a fund-raiser.
Suggestion: They had raffle baskets and wanted to eliminate that…we might be able to take that over.
Marge made a motion to table the proposal until next month when some Pieces and Patches members could come to the meeting. Peggy Mollema seconded the motion, accepted.

Treasurer reminded members that dues are due in May and June, $30.00, please plan ahead.

Carol asked us to please start collecting fabric for May, prewashed 1/2 yard to 5/8 yard, we also need needles and thread.

Nancy asked for volunteers for president, 2nd vice president, and secretary. We do not need a new treasurer this year.

Motion to adjourn.

Show and tell:
Carol K, Romanian needlepoint lace from shop, entrelac scarf with Kool-Aid dyed yarn.
Nancy 12 quilt blocks to trade at her quilt guild.
Jane: sashiko and three temari
Chris Tragos: knitting nice shawl/scarf.
Carol Schultz: butterfly crystal motifs
Peggy: Hawk dancer needlepoint picture from Pacific NW for nephew, beach picture for daughter, ornaments from rummage sale canvas and Designers Desk sale.
Linda Tylk, quilt/stitching floral basket from 22/24 years ago.

Quilts on Display

Two local venues are showing quilts this spring!

"Amish and English: Quilts from the Illinois State Museum Collection" is on at the Illinois State Museum Lockport Gallery (201 West Tenth Street, Lockport, IL 60441) now until September 16, 2011. The gallery is open Monday-Friday 9 to 5 and Sundays 12 to 5. Note: it is not open Saturdays. Free admission and parking (plus there's a great quilt shop, Thimbles, just a block away.

The second show is at the Lubeznik Center for the Arts in Michigan City (101 W. 2nd St. just north of the outlet mall). The quilt above is by Tommy Fitzsimmons, from her show "Tommy: The Material Girl." It opens April 16th and runs until June 26th.

Also showing at the same time at Lubeznik are two other shows that will be worth seeing: "Woman as Artist, Woman as Muse: Diamond Collection of Posters of the Belle Epoque 1890-1910" and "Vintage Vogue: Cover Art from the LCA Permanent Collection."

Lubeznik is open Tuesday-Friday 10-5 and Saturday and Sunday 11-4. The center is also free with free parking.